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Palma School’s Cole Rianda

Palma graduate, Cole Rianda, talks about his experience at Palma School and how it has made a difference in his life.

For more videos about Palma School check out their YouTube Channel at

It’s Good to Be the Boss

When it comes to life satisfaction, it’s good to be the boss a new Pew study finds.

Another reason it’s great to be the boss: You’re probably much happier than people who aren’t.

A recent Pew Research Center survey compares the happiness levels of managers versus non-managerial employees and finds bosses are more satisfied with their lives. And it’s not just the cushier paycheck: Bosses also reported greater satisfaction with their work environment and in their personal lives.

For example, 83 percent of bosses reported being “very satisfied” with their family life, compared to 74 percent of non-managers. The contrast is even more stark at the workplace: 69 percent of bosses reported high satisfaction levels with their current job, compared with only 49 percent of non-managers. (Unsurprisingly, bosses were also happier with their financial situation, with 40 percent being very satisfied compared to 28 percent of non-managers.)


Some other interesting stats: Bosses are more likely to be Republican than employees (53 percent to 37 percent). However, on other traits such as religious attribution and important factors about jobs (fulfilling work and job security for example), bosses and workers are quite similar.

The findings suggest that working your way to the top—or starting your own business, so you’re automatically “the boss”—can offer many payoffs personally and professionally. While the survey wasn’t conducted on entrepreneurs, business owners enjoy many of the same perks as corporate managers: better pay than their employees, more control over their work environment and time and greater flexibility. Other surveys have shown that business owners report higher levels of happiness than the general American workforce.

Another important takeaway from the Pew survey: It suggests that non-managerial employees aren’t nearly as happy with their jobs and personal lives and may inspire bosses to work harder to improve the workplace environment for everyone.  If more than half of your employees are disgruntled or disengaged, you probably want to make some changes.

By: Kelly Spors – Editor

Monterey Peninsula College announces Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Open

Student Financial Services of Monterey Peninsula College would like to announce that the application period is now open for the  2014 JACK KENT COOKE SCHOLARSHIP

The Scholarship Amount is up to $30,000 over 2 years

– Must be transferring to a 4 year institution beginning Fall of 2014
-Minimum GPA OF 3.5
-Must demonstrate significant unmet financial need

HOW TO APPLY, Visit:,%202013.pdf

DEADLINENOVEMBER 7, 2013 launches on World Ocean Day

Please join us on June 8th at for our contribution to World Ocean Day!

We are ready to launch a web portal devoted to ocean conservation with over 100 high quality videos that are entertaining and informative…and best of all FREE to community media stations world wide who carry the flag and the fight to preserve and protect our oceans for future generations.


Your Sanctuary TV will come alive at midnight on June 8th..glorious in its content, superlative in its knowledge, brilliant in its images and ready to capture future partners who will join the fight for our oceans with their own images and videos and articles.

The flame burns too hot to be extinguished…..hold on for it will be an unforgettable ride…hold on for the promise to launch this portal for all to share and multiply the impressions in towns, cities, counties, states and countries throughout the world!

The Apple Discount

Apple does discount – but for selected parts of its range or for specific reasons: change-over on a model, for example. The most important thing is that they don’t give that impression.

Apple’s approach is to treat price as a reliable indicator of value. By not overtly or uniformly discounting, they maintain the value of the brand by making products that excite customers and they continue to charge for them at that level of value until there is a good reason not to do so. In other words, Apple’s ethos is never discount an Apple product while people are most excited about it – no matter whether that is days or years after it was first released.

But while Apple have worked hard to position themselves as a full-price, full value brand, that’s not always the case. As the article points out, “With the exception of the iPhone and the iPad, Apple products are typically discounted within eight days of first hitting the market …” Surprised? I was. But “As for the most in-demand Apple products—iPad and iPhone—there doesn’t seem to be much financial incentive to delay your gratification. The price for either is unlikely to change by waiting a few days, or even a few months … discounts have basically been non-existent until it’s time for Apple to introduce the latest new-new model.”

Even when Apple discounts, the wider motivation seems to be to give customers entry points to the Apple universe. By lowering the price of a laptop, they invite customers into their world, knowing that they will then be pre-disposed to go Apple all the way. At least that’s my theory, and it’s one I think extends to the pricing of their new operating system. Lower the barriers to entry to get people involved, but retain the pricing and the aspiration on the iconic products that people continue to be excited by and around which the world of Apple pivots.

Such an approach seems worlds away from the volume-driven approach taken by discount brands that advertise serial sales to drive up their top line. But as I’ve said many times before, there’s nothing wrong with that model if you’ve built your business and your brand around it. Smart discount brands rely on a very different perception of price though than a brand like Apple. Whereas Apple sees price as proof of value, astute discount brands treat price as a pain point. And they rely on easing perceived pain in order to generate interest. They rely on you paying less in one area but more in others to help balance the load. Just like with Apple, it’s a feel-good balancing act. The difference is that one brand makes itself known for discounting and the other doesn’t.

One truth straddles both approaches. No matter how you choose to use discounting, to use it effectively you need to hard-wire it into your ethos not just your pricing. You need to be very clear too about how it works to protect your margins store-wide.

You might like to ponder that the next time you see a sign advertising “30% off selected lines”. Which lines have been selected…and more importantly, why?

Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider by: Mark Di Somma, Brand ConsultantImage

Your Sanctuary TV contest launches today!

Contest launches today! Your Sanctuary TV withMonterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and Cafe Finapresent:

Save the ocean! 

Every week, contestants will post entries at and on twitter – #YourSanctuaryTV – describing what they’ll pledge to do to “Save the Ocean”– in 120 characters or less,

Whichever pledge receives the most likes and RT’s wins a delicious dinner for two at Café Fina in beautiful Monterey, California.

At the end of 13 weeks, judges will pick the Grand Champion who will appear in a promotional television spot for @YourSanctuaryTV and a part on a future episode.

After a second 13-week contest, all 26 weekly winners will be entered into a contest to win the Grand Prize…a Sanctuary Dream Day including whale watching, a romantic dinner along the Sanctuary, and a night’s stay at a romantic hotel next to the Sanctuary.

Legacy Water Polo Club Hosts Two-Time Olympian and Gold Medalist

Lauren Wenger, who earned a gold medal in Women’s Water Polo at the 2012 London Olympics, will visit with Monterey‘s Legacy Water Polo Club on Saturday, Dec 1st at 10:00am at the Bedford Family Gym at Santa Catalina School in Monterey.

Wenger will discuss her career in water polo, from earning All-American honors in high school to her experience on the USC women’s water polo team, her international experiences, and two trips to the FINA World Championship resulting in a 2009 Gold Medal, and of course participation in both the Beijing and the London Olympics.

Following her talk, Wenger will have an open, informal conversation with local youth and other members of the community who may have questions about her start in water polo, her training, motivations, and key individuals who helped her achieve her goals. After the talk and Q & A, Lauren will be available on the pool deck for photos and to sign Olympic photo/training cards.

Legacy Water Polo is honored to host this visit and appreciates the support of USA Water Polo in making this event happen. In addition, Legacy’s primary pool for over a decade has been that of Santa Catalina, and we are grateful for use of their exceptional facility.

Cost: Suggested donation of $10/person, $25/family
Comp: All Santa Catalina students with ID

Legacy is hoping that Lauren’s visit will help to raise funds to pay for the expense of the pools that we use year-round in the program. Pool costs have gone up and we appreciate any donations or contributions
towards the cost of this amazing program.

As a 501(c)3 your contributions are tax deductible.

“Local Educators Thank Californians for Passing Prop. 30” by News Blog

In case you missed it in the MC Weekly on November 7:

“The governing board, faculty and staff of Monterey Peninsula College are gratified by this statement of support from Californians,” MPC President Douglas Garrison said in a statement.

Prop. 30 passed with 54 percent of the vote. Had it failed, the governor’s tax plan called for mid-year “trigger cuts” of $6 billion, mostly to K-12 education, and also to higher ed institutions.


MPC would’ve faced $2.3 million in mid-year cuts, $2.5 million at Hartnell College.“Local Educators Thank Californians for Passing Prop. 30” by News Blog.

PROP 30 Passing, MPC Issued Statement

MONTEREY, CA – November 7, 2012 – Due to the passage of Proposition 30 Monterey Peninsula College issued this statement to the press.

Dr. Douglas Garrison, President/Superintendent of Monterey Peninsula College stated, “The Governing Board, faculty and staff of Monterey Peninsula College are gratified by this statement of support from Californians. The infusion of new revenue will help the state meet its current obligation to fund K-12 education; 89 percent of the funds provided by Proposition 30 will go to K-12 schools; 11 percent will go to community colleges. Passage of Proposition 30 will provide the College a more reasonable cash flow because a portion of what the state owes us will be paid on time.  These funds do not reflect any increase.” Garrison goes on to say, “MPC will not be adding many additional students — we simply won’t be eliminating students or programs.”

The passage of Prop. 30 will have ripple effects throughout California’s system of higher education. Protecting the University of California and the California State University systems from $250 million “trigger cuts” that would have taken effect immediately if the initiative failed. It will also allow UC and CSU to avoid hefty mid-year tuition hikes. Because of the Proposition 30 passage, Monterey Peninsula College will be saved from a mid-year budget cut of $2.3 million.

ABOUT MPC: Monterey Peninsula College is committed to fostering student learning and success by providing excellence in instructional programs, facilities and services to support the goals of students pursuing transfer, career, basic skills, and life-long learning opportunities. Through these efforts MPC seeks to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community.


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MEDIA CONTACT: Celeste C. White | white page communications

Dr. Douglas Garrison, Superintendent/President | 980 Fremont Street, Monterey, CA  93940 | (831) 646-4000 |

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