From Vine to Wine: De Tierra Vineyards Practices French Method of Winemaking

With summer waning and fall approaching quickly the long road to the annual grape harvest has come to fruition, literally. De Tierra Vineyards begins harvest this week and in the true Burgundian style of wine growing, every member of the De Tierra team will have their hand on the grapes before they become wine.

005-De Tierra Punchdown Syrah_Full-Res

De Tierra punch downs

De Tierra punch downs

“At De Tierra we believe in the Chateau winemaking style” states Anna Russell, General Manager of De Tierra Vineyards, “which focuses more on the estate element and family involvement; every employee from the sales staff to the tasting room team will spend full days in the vineyard. They will help with all aspects of the process including harvest, production, crush, de-stemming, punch downs, labeling, bottling and all points in between.”

At De Tierra they hand-harvest each vineyard. Many times harvesting the same vineyard multiple times in order to ensure each row is harvested at the optimal level of ripeness. With approximately 11 Estate acres, the expected estate tonnage is 40 tons which translates to about 3000 cases of wine in 2014.

This year’s crop will be harvested and bottled and the whites will be available for tasting in 2015-2016 and the reds 2016-2017. The 2011/2012 whites and the 2009/2010 reds are currently being poured in the tasting room or available to purchase online at

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