Analyzing Social Media – The Glass Ceiling

Does social media have a glass ceiling problem? Even as companies rush to exploit social media in every conceivable way, a report from The Conference Board and the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University finds that senior executives don’t seem to take the results seriously – if they look at them at all.

glass ceiling

  • Fewer than 24% of companies report that senior management sees reports gleaned from social media metrics; and only 14% build it into their KPI’s
  • 20% say social media information is too low-level for senior management and 32% say it’s too low-level for board memebers

Ironically, senior executives are actually more likely than the population at large to use social media.

Does senior management receive social media metrics:

  • 23.6% – yes
  • 55.5% – no
  • 20.9% – huh?



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