The creative plane or the competitive plane

Organization Keeps you moving-Vin

Organization Keeps you moving-Vin (Photo credit: nist6ss)

If your brand is to thrive in the new economy driven by creating new value, you’ll have to choose between operating from the creative plane or the competitive plane.

When your organization operates on the competitive plane: It can only win when somebody else loses. You will only bring products to market that are based in incremental user needs, and abundantly available from other sources. You’ll be forced to compete at the lowest price. Crazy ideas that are without form and are unproven will be discounted in favor of the status quo. Your enterprise will be managed based on control, competition and survival.

When your organization creates value on the creative plane: There will be no shortage in supply of opportunity. You’ll innovate and design products that redefine the category, delighting customers with the unexpected, making competition irrelevant. Your customers will experience more use value than they pay in cash value–making price irrelevant. Your organization will be focused on turning possibilities into realities. Your organization will not count transactions but create experiences people love and build trust advertising money can’t buy.

From our friends at Branding Strategy Insider.

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