amp2 Sets Launch of “Your Sanctuary TV” for March 1, 2013

amp2, in partnership with the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, and all 14 National Marine Sanctuaries in the system, unveiled plans for a new repository for Free Marine Conservation Video Content available to Access Channels across the country and throughout the World.

AMP2 Your Sanctuary

AMP2 Your Sanctuary

“This is a natural growth path for our television program,” remarked Your Sanctuary Producer Stephen Ellzey, “we’re all about connecting Communities to our Ocean resources and what better way to do it than through Community Television Stations?”.

Your Sanctuary TV will provide Free, ready to broadcast programs, while those Stations broadcasting the content are welcome to find local underwriters to help build on-demand platforms, fund Ocean Conservation Events, or otherwise tie in to the ongoing process of preserving and protecting our Ocean for future generations.


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