Type face hell-vetica is right!

Young and Restless

So lately I’ve been stuck on anything Typeface related. Its like the porn of the design world. So much effort goes into the look of your fonts that it can make or break your final design.

Needless to say your whole branding relies on if you choose a serif or sans-serif. I’ve never been one to be intrinsically focused on the small details but once I fell into the whole world of fonts, it has literally changed my life.

It’s really frustrating actually. Now all I see is the way the typeface is made, who designed it and why they designed it. When I see it used inappropriately or just because it’s the font that everyone seems to be using, it makes me want to put my head through a wall. Who knew that something we use to convey messages could be more instrumental then the message itself. It blows my mind!

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