Tree Top Trio – Wednesday’s at Cibo

Formed in Monterey Bay during the Summer of 2011, Tree Top Trio brings a bounty of fresh and exciting energy to the acoustic jazz scene. Influenced by the “gypsy swing” style of jazz typified by European guitarist Django Reindhart, the group often plays many of Django’s original compositions, American jazz favorites, and traditional Gypsy classics ornamented with their own splash of instrumental wizardry and youthful exuberance.

Tree Top Trio – see them at Cibo on Wednesdays


Fusing the considerable talents of Ben Herod (sax/flute/percussion), Dave Holodiloff (mandolin/guitar/vocals) and John Klein (string bass), the trio weaves together an impressive sonic tapestry of rhythmic interplay and dazzling improvisations.

United with a passion for upbeat swing tunes, silky smooth ballads, Latin rhythms, and everything in between, Tree Top Trio boasts an immense repertoire, perfect for dancing, dining, weddings, and other special occasions. Their unforgettable rhythmic and melodic ambiance conjures up visions of a Parisian café or nightclub of an era long past. Though still in its humble beginnings, Tree Top Trio is fast becoming a high demand act filled with sizzling sax solos, deep thumping bass lines, and tantalizing mandolin tremolos that will delight the ears and satiate the soul. Most importantly, Tree Top Trio’s unique style and instrumentation provide a refreshing welcome to both rookie and seasoned lovers of hot club swing alike.


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