Sweet Earth: Prepared Foods Nourish the Vegan Marketplace

Curry Tiger Burrito from Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Prepared food is popular in today’s fast-paced world, and that’s no surprise. We live in a convenience-driven society – and we are all time-starved!  Since most moms and dads work, who has time to cook, three meals a day, every day?  This is where the healthy, plant-based prepared foods swoop in to save breakfast, lunch or dinner!

It was way back in 1953 that The TV Dinner was first introduced by C. A. Swanson & Sons. Since then, prepared foods have come a long way. They are tastier, they’re microwavable, and potatoes, peas and corn are no longer the only vegetables in town.

Some of the most exciting trends in prepared foods that we have seen atSweet Earth Natural Foods include the rise of global cuisines and chef-quality foods.  Mexican food has become mainstream, and is yet to peak as demographic growth among Hispanics in the US continues to contribute to the rise.  Asian foods, particularly Southeast Asian and Indian foods, are increasingly available in the prepared-food market, offering the variety that consumers crave. Take, for example, Sweet Earth’s Curry Tiger burrito, a blend of lentils, curried seitan, red peppers, potatoes and spiced with turmeric, cinnamon & cardamom – or our Japanese-style Kyoto, which is a blend of adzuki beans, edamame, baby bok choy, spinach, shitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and ginger – mmmmm! And in case you haven’t noticed, many of these offerings are vegan – no parade, no balloons just unabashedly vegan and delicious!

Whether or not someone is vegetarian or vegan, we all know that eating more vegetables is a good thing. At Sweet Earth we find one way to get our healthy, prepared foods out to the mainstream is to use the termplant-based foods. This simple phrase opens up the world of vegetables, grains and fruits not only to vegans and vegetarians, but to everyone who loves healthy, delicious, convenient food. It is exciting to see the mainstreaming of plant-based foods that is happening before our eyes!  This shift is supported by the fact that consumers are increasingly interested in healthier, more functional foods.  That is good for everyone because it will result in more widely available vegan and vegetarian options in convenient, prepared forms.

Case in point, we can personally attest to the rising retail interest of plant-based, prepared foods.  At this year’s Natural Foods West Expo we were delighted with the responsiveness, not only from our treasured base of natural food stores, but also from more mainstream grocers like Gelson’s and Albertson’s.  The positive mainstream reception of our new vegetarian frozen burrito line is an excellent example of the demand for more vegan foods, in that four of the eight burritos are vegan.

At Sweet Earth, we nourish lives by encouraging others to make smart food choices that honor and sustain the land, and cultivate a curious palette while nurturing a healthy body. Our food is plant-based, farm friendly and hand-crafted to be delicious and nutritious. It is exhilarating to be part of the sea change that is making the earth a sweeter place.

Kelly Swette is the Owner & Head of Marketing for Sweet Earth Natural Foods. Kelly has worked in engineering, packaging design, and marketing for more than 15 years with some of America’s best-known brands.  Kelly and family have decided to share their passion for food and sustainability in a positive, real way at Sweet Earth Natural Foods. Learn more at http://www.sweetearthfoods.com/,


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