Sweet Earth Natural Foods Saves the Seas by Say What? Seitan!

zen farmer

Sweet Earth Natural Foods resides on the edge of the country’s largest Marine Sanctuary in the Monterey Bay, and it takes seriously the challenge of contributing to ocean conservancy. The company’s plant based foods promote the same message that lie at the heart of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program – that ecosystems are precious and limited resources and its our job to be conscientious of conservation.

Sweet Earth encourages consumers to try the new wheat meat; plant based protein packed seitan (say-tahn) and makes the approach to trying an unconventional product part of the California tradition. While many shoppers of vegetarian products are familiar with the alternative meat products that are on the market, seitan remains somewhat of a mystery. Sweet Earth is attempting to change that. Making seitan delicious, accessible and a responsible alternative to meat, chicken, seafood or tofu with a whooping 125% more protein than other meat alternatives. Sweet Earth’s seitan is precooked and ready to eat and has a satisfying, juicy, texture that adds power packed plant based protein punch to any dish (and saves the fish)!

“Seitan is an exciting alternative to meat – it’s high-protein, tender, and amazingly good-tasting. That’s why it’s definitely part of the answer when it comes to preserving the oceans,” states Briana Swette, Kitchen Ecologist at Sweet Earth Natural Foods, “since a diversity of options is a first step in the {sometimes} right choice to eat less seafood, we’re proud to present this awesome product to food-lovers. Seitan is made from wheat, is completely vegan, and is super-versatile when it comes to cooking. It’s an old food, and Sweet Earth is bringing it back. In general, that’s what we try to do: innovate natural foods by combining a modern culinary sensibility with nourishing and time-tested food traditions.”

Sweet Earth understands that finding an alternative to meat can be a challenge and because of that, has created beautiful brand packaging and easy-to-do menu ideas on their website (www.sweetearthfoods.com) to allow consumers creative, family friendly recipes to for seitan use. Those recipes include pappardelle pasta, stir fry seitan, super fresh tacos, spicy Italian sandwich and grilled curry seitan.

About Sweet Earth: Sweet Earth Natural Foods, where the most important ingredients are the ones we don’t list on the package: Sweet vibes. Rolling surf. Pure sunshine. Our plant-based recipes are made with fresh, natural ingredients – prepped in the tradition of years gone by and seasoned with the flavors of the world, from right here in our California kitchen. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. http://www.sweetearthfoods.com

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